SEO Tips for Lawyer

Are you a Lawyer? Do you need something to increase your website performance? We all know that one of the most important things when we are dealing with the internet marketing especially about Lawyer marketing, is the SEO. Being a Lawyer especially new Lawyer is not easy. After getting the full study as a professional Lawyer, you will not get fast project once you graduated. You have to climb from the bottom and start your career. That is why you need SEO to boost the performance. Of course to get the right ways for SEO tips is by having a website. It is pretty useless when you want to apply SEO for a Lawyer, but you have no website. Although you still can use Google Local listing for the strategies, it will always be better to have an official website to keep everyone trusts your firm. The website is just like a virtual office where people can go there to get any information they want. That is why you have to have one and here are the SEO tips for a Lawyer, and you don’t need to hire SEO expert to do these.

  1. Register to Google My Business

The first step to do for SEO tips for a Lawyer is by registering your business to Google My Business. You need to register with Gmail account and then make sure that you fill all of the data needed by Google, so you will get the fastest respond.

  1. Verify Your Address

Then you will need to verify your address; Google will send you verification PIN, and then when you are going to do activity in Google My Business, you will be asked to submit your verification PIN.

  1. Make good contents in website

After being verified, then you have to make good contents on the website so your Lawyer firm has good reputation and review from the readers also.

  1. Keep being consistent

You have to keep being consistent in posting any informative posts.